About Us

How we found our name...

Lost and Found Farm's blueberry fields are owned by the Bruns Family. When the property was first purchased, these fields had been out of production for a few years and the glory of their bounty was almost forgotten. In 2011, with the hard work of family members, the fields began being managed again, enough to keep them from growing into forest. Since then tree removal and field management has been set in place. In 2018, Lost and Found farm was officially born, primarily as a low-bush blueberry and specialty cut flower operation. On the side, we raise laying hens as well as vegetables. 


2017 harvest


Lauren Bruns

I grew up in Gray, Maine where my family and blueberry fields are located. I began farming in 2011 in South Central Pennsylvania. In 2014, I moved to Western Massachusetts, where I lived and worked on various farms for three years. By 2017, I was finally ready to take the leap and move home to the state that I've always called home and start the farm I've been dreaming up since I began farming.



A constant source of entertainment on the farm, this Border Collie has endless energy. He was given to me as a surprise, and for better or for worse is now my side kick. As you can see, by his missing tooth, his favorite games are playing frisbee and catching shovelfuls of any medium.