Maine Low Bush Blueberries 


About the Fields

Our 7 acres are located just outside of the center of Gray, Maine. We follow sustainable management practices and only use products that meet organic standards. We rake the fields by hand and use a small winnowing set up to clean the berries before we take them to market.

Field management is done throughout the year to keep the berry field from growing up in trees. Once a year, typically in the fall, we mow half of our land. What is mowed produces prolific berries two seasons later. In this way, we rotate, mowing half each year, ensuring a good harvest each year.


Fresh Packed

These are our fresh berries. We offer these berries in pint, quart and bulk quantities. Our blueberries are harvested and cleaned with great care. They are absolutely delicious and burst in your mouth with the taste of Maine summertime!


Value Added

We've produced some pretty delicious berry products in our kitchen. We are in the process of making them available to you! Stay tuned for more details here or come by the market and see what we might have!